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 Cows of Velika Planina

I was shooting cows, aiming to produce a fashion portrait. When I showed some photos to one shepherd I learned he knew all the cows hanging on this mountain. Each cow has its own personality you can easily get attached to. Like with cats and dogs. And an interesting social structure aswell.
This shots are straight from my camera.

Leitmotiv SS18 Aphrodite

We shot the lookbook in Casa del Vaso – a company specializing in garden decoration, which is very popular thing in Italy. This family establishment is based in Bologna, Italy and runs for three generations now. You can feel the long lasting passion for the craft in every corner from workshop through warehouse to the shop.

Designers: Leitmotiv
Photographer: Matija Tomc
Assistant: Špela Jambrek
MUA: Angelica Quaglia
Hair: Luca Formigoni


ELLE backstage editorial shots from Aigner “Kaleidoscope” fashion show in Milan.

ELLE Nerdy editorial

Interestingly, the model was actually preparing for her chemistry exam at the time, so all the scripts were hers.

ELLE_NERD_Matija_Tomc_2Photo: Matija Tomc
Creative director: Petra Windschnurer
Styling: Špela Jambrek
Hair: Žiga for Mare Dresura Frizure
MUA: Maja Drab
Model: Lana for Immortal Models
Location: Academia Philharmonicorum Ljubljana


Kaja by Matija_Tomc



Atsushi Nakashima @MFW



ELLE backstage editorial shot from Leitmotiv “Deerdance” show in Milan.

Angie @MFW

This BTS is from Anteprima fashion show in Milan. Angie waiting for her hair to be done, however with her lips already done, she had to drink carefully.


We shot this fashion portraits on a castle in the midst of Slovenian Alps. It was freezing.

Photo: Matija Tomc
Styling: Špela Jambrek
Hair&MUA: Maja Drab
Model: Denise for Immortal Models

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